AWP Offsite – Love Never Dies: A Spooky Salon of Hellishly Poetic Proportions

E.G.O. First-year Reading – University of Alaska-Fairbanks Pub

Pleased: spiderweb salon + Ghost. in Santa Fe

Recycled Books 35th Anniversary Show

Cool Schmool: an anti-valentine’s day show!

Pegasus Reading Series: Enfield, Pitt, Ryckman, Stufflebeam – November 2017, Dallas, TX

Spiderweb Salon Harvest Masquerade – November 2017, Denton, TX

Spiderweb Salon 5 Year Anniversary Show – July 2017, Denton, TX

Lost Poet Lounge – June 2017, Denton, TX

Other People’s Poetry: Frank O’Hara – May 2017, Dallas, TX

Other People’s Poetry: Bob Kaufman – January 2017, Dallas, TX

Sigma Tau Delta Convention – March 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico