Published Work

3 Questions with Sean Enfield (interview by Winslow Schmelling) – Hayden’s Ferry Review Blog, January 2022

God Is a Moshpit (essay) – Hayden’s Ferry Review, December 2021
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All My Niggas Was White (essay) – Witness Magazine, October 2021

Campsite on Troubled Land (essay) –, August 2021
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

The Day Prince Died (essay) – Barren Magazine, April 2021
Nominated for Best of the Net

The Revolution Will Be Revised (essay) – Fourth Genre, Spring 2021
Winner of the 2020 Michael Steinberg Memorial Essay Contest

To Pimp a Mockingbird (essay) – The Rumpus, March 2020

Where Were You When Frank Ocean Returned? (essay) – COUNTERCLOCK Issue 7, Fall 2019
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Emergencies in Exigency (poem) – Don’t Let Them Cut Us, October 2019
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Birthday (poem)- Thimble Literary Magazine, Autumn 2019
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Song of South, Reprise (essay) –Tahoma Literary Review Issue 15, July 2019
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The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted (poem)- Spiderweb Salon, August 2018
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All Good Things (flash fiction)- Low Power Radio (powered by Spiderweb Salon & KUZU), January 2018
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Paper Shackles (essay)- Lunch Ticket, December 2017

Photograph (poem) – Spiderweb Salon, April 2017
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Colorblind Passengers (essay)- F(r)iction Online, January 2017
Nominated for Best of the Net

Teddy Hudson’s Grandpa Is Dead (flash fiction)- Drunk Monkeys, November 2016

From the Sidelines (essay)- “City of _____,” Entropy Mag, July 2016

Catalyst for a Sensation (poem) – Poetry Quarterly, Spring 2014
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Claudia Who Found the F (flash fiction)- All Things Considered, May 2013
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Finalist for 3 Minute Fiction Contest

Poem Written in a Gas Station Bathroom (poem) – Vine Leaves, 2013
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​Rough Sketch of a Woman on Her Way Home (short story) – Open Ear to the Universe, 2012